Bryce Kessel

Credentials: Bachelors in Industrial Design and a minor in Business from Iowa State University

Hometown: Madison, WI

Why did you choose MD+I?

With an undergraduate degree in industrial design, I thought the MDI program was a good compliment academically. I also believe having a masters degree will give me a leg up on the competition when applying for future jobs. Additionally, I grew up in Madison and it was always a goal of mine to attend UW Madison.

What is your favorite part of MD+I so far?

My favorite parts of the MDI program so far are the people that I have met that are part of the program. Meeting new people from different backgrounds and diverse undergraduate majors who have similar goals will also be beneficial for my future. As far as the classes go, my favorite has been the prototyping class where I was able to work with my hands to create projects.

What kinds of professional and personal trajectories are you setting for yourself at the moment? Where do you hope to go after graduation?

I enjoy working with CAD software and really like working with computers. Being able to combine CAD programs with virtual reality would be my ideal future career. I also think I would enjoy working for an independent company that creates many different kinds of products where business or people come to them with their ideas and we would create them.