Nathaniel Stern

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Phone: 414-477-9602

2100 E Kenwood Blvd.
Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, Room 204
Milwaukee, WI 53211-3358

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Nathaniel Stern is an artist, writer, teacher, and engineer. He has produced and collaborated on projects ranging from ecological, participatory, and online interventions, interactive, immersive, and mixed reality environments, to prints, sculptures, videos, performances, and hybrid forms. His first book, Interactive Art and Embodiment: The Implicit Body as Performance (Gylphi 2013), takes a close look at the stakes for interactive and digital art, and Ecological Aesthetics: artful tactics for humans, nature, and politics (Dartmouth 2018) is a creative and scholarly collection of stories about art, artists, and their materials, which argues that ecology, aesthetics, and ethics are inherently interconnected, and together act as the cornerstone for all contemporary arts practices.

Dr. Stern holds a BSc in art and design from Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology, a Masters in Interactive Telecommunications (ITP) from New York University, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin. He has worked as a consultant, director, board member, designer, and/or engineer at and with various companies and non-profits in New York, California, Ohio, South Africa, Ireland, and all across Wisconsin. In short, Stern “speaks” business and engineering, with a sensitivity to the relationships between culture and industry – how the latter support and mobilize each other, in both the short- and long-term.