Jacy Swiggum

Credentials: BS in Retailing and Consumer Behavior with a certificate in Environmental Studies from University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hometown: Madison, WI

Why did you choose MD+I?

I chose MDI because of the possibility to combine my creativity and interest in innovation with skills that I developed in undergrad. MDI provided me the opportunity to make an impact beyond what I felt was previously possible. I was very interested in the possibility of learning along side a group of students, all with similar passions and values, yet with such diverse background experiences.

What is your favorite part of MD+I so far?

I have loved the opportunity to interact and participate in areas of design that I did not even know existed before starting the program as well as get to know my wonderful MDI cohort. I have made lifetime connections, both personal and professional, during this program that have had such a positive impact on me and my outlook on the future.

What kinds of professional and personal trajectories are you setting for yourself at the moment? Where do you hope to go after graduation?

I hope to focus on life-centered and sustainable design in the future. I am also very interested in speculative design and the impact that it can have on future decision making. I would love to have a career somewhere that embraces design-thinking, shares my values and promotes creativity and innovation in all forms.